Puffy Origami Star Tutorial

What you will need to make a puffy origami star:
- Scrap paper, this could be printer paper, magazine pages, make sure you have about 11 inches in length.
- Scissors.

How to make a puffy Origami star:

- Take your scrap paper and cut out thin strips, you can start out with about half an inch wide
strip ( I wouldn't go wider than that) and make it really long. That way you can practice and see what is going on. Although I did find that the wider strips give me some problems later on when trying to puff up the star, so I suggest you cut out different width strips so you can test out what works for you. I like to make them about half a cm in width and about 11 inches long, so magazine pages (the colorful advert ones) are perfect for this.

- Now that you have your strip you will make a knot. Do this by making a loop at one end of the strip and putting the tail through.

- Flatten the knot, and tuck the short tail into the loop, or just fold it over. Now you should have something that resembles a pentagon.

- Take the long tail (rest of the strip) and fold it over following the edges of the pentagon until you run out of the strip.

- The remaining piece of the strip should be tucked into a fold on the pentagon, you might need to trim it if it sticks out the other side.

- Now you need to press the edges of the pentagon so they puff up and create the star. Some people do this edge by edge, but I prefer to take it in both hands and press it, this leaves me with one of the edges that I do separately in the end.

I realize that while this is quite simple to do it might seem confusing or hard to understand when reading the instructions so I found this video online that does a great job of demonstrating in case you need extra help:

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