I just put a bunch of stuff in my tea, lets hope I survive

So my hands have gotten quite stiff and cold and I wanted a hot drink but I didn't feel like anything we had so I figured why not make an improvised spiced tea? Mind you I never made any kind of spiced tea let alone proper....but hey how hard can it be?
I just made a regular cup of black tea, added in some milk and some Innocent orange juice (yep... i said it.. OJ) and then shook in some ground ginger and mixed spice. Stirred it well and did a little prayer to an unknown deity for it not to make me ill.
*sniff...sniff sniff* Well it smells quite lovely... 
AAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it tastes fantastic :D I over did it on the milk a bit, a tad less and it would have been perfect. I should have been making this stuff ages ago!

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