DIY Faux Stained Glass Window

I don't know about you but whenever I think of stained glass windows the first (and pretty much the only) thing that comes to mind is a church. There is a 
possibility, however, to turn this traditional look into something modern. 
With vector designs. If you are not sure what this is just Google
vector art or vector design under images, cool huh? You can also use as a resource to find a design you like, make sure
though that the person is OK with their art being used and reused,
most users on deviant art will have "rules" about using
their work. Most times you can use it but not for commercial purposes
such as reselling it.


Clear contact paper you can buy it at the local hardware store or online cheap
- Print out of the design you want to use for the project
- Scissors and/or Stanley knife, it costs a couple bucks at most stores
- Glass Paints
(these come in both opaque and transparent colors, you should choose
according to the design you are working with)
- Paint brushes
- Black permanent marker (thickness
according to need)
- Clear gloss spray paint (runs a few of bucks at the hardware store)

How to:
- Print out the design that you want to use for the project.
- Cut out the clear contact paper ( make
sure it has a clear backing too so you can place it over the design
and see through it).
- Place it on top of the design print out (adhesive side down but do not remove the backing!)
making sure you align it properly.
- Now, remember when you were a kid and you traced pictures onto the paper? This is exactly what you will do. One way is to trace the outlines with the
black permanent marker and then paint the insides, or you can do the
outlining with opaque paints and the rest with the translucent ones.
Either way first do the outlines of the design and let it dry off
completely, this takes about 4 hours more or less, you are welcome to
blow dry it to speed up the process.
- Filling in the design will take some precision and patience. You will not need a lot of paint as the contact paper wont absorb it, so take care not to
put on too much onto the brush and to have only one layer of paint
everywhere. You want to make one way even strokes otherwise it will
look messy, streaky and blotchy.
- Let this dry, do not lift up vertically until it is completely dried otherwise some runnage might happen, after spray on a coat of clear gloss spray
- Once the spray paint is dry you are ready
to carefully put it up onto the window glass.

There you go now you have a unique and beautiful (but faux..shh!) stained
glass window, for just a fraction of the price

- Another option for a
textured look of the outline is instead of using regular paint or
markers is to use heavy dimensional fabric paint.
- Have someone help you when applying the film onto the window, don't
take all of the backing off at once start with a corner, align it and
stick it on then slowly pull the backing while adhering the rest of
the film to the window, this minimizes chances of any air bubbles or


How to Create the Broken Crackly Finish with Paint

crackle paint
Crackle Paint

Achieving the old broken paint, crackly finish
is surprisingly a lot lot lot easier than one would think. It doesn't
take a lot of skill, experience or time, and it can be applied to
almost any thing from the wall to the plate, flower pot, picture,
canvas, bowl....whatever you can think of.
- Surface you wish to apply this faux finish to 
-Base paint color
- Top paint color
- Clear crackle-finish medium
You can find this in your local craft store such as Michaels, Joanns, Hobby
Lobby, or even stores such as Meijers (look in the crafts section).
If you are painting large surfaces such as your wall go to either the
paint section in your local department store or go straight to a shop
that specializes in paint only, such as Sherwin Williams, they will
be able to answer any other application questions you might
- Paint brush

How to: 
- Take the surface you wish to work on and paint it with the base
- Let it dry completely
You can buy three different brushes or use the same brush for all the
applications but make sure you clean it properly. Unless you leave it
to sit with paint on and get hardened all you need is warm water and
soap/dish detergent to clean and a paper towel to dry your
- Once the base coat is fully dry go ahead
and cover it with the crackle medium. Make sure you
read the directions on the medium you buy as different manufacturers
might have slight differences in application process.
- When the crackle medium is done (usually takes around 30 min, but once
again read the instructions on the packaging) cover it with the top
coat paint. Make sure you don't over do it as this can make the
crackle lines get filled up and disappears.
- Let dry and voila!
- Depending on your project you
might also opt for covering the whole thing in clear
There are a lot of different mediums and
options out there, before you start your project make sure you know
what you want, small cracks like a broken windshield, big ones
looking more like rips, spider web ones. Will your surface be bigger
(maybe you're applying it to a wall) or something small (like a
jewelry box or a plate)? Once you figure it out, or at least some of
it get your shopping shoes on and find the crackle medium that best
fits you.
Here are some examples of how a crackle
might look once completed: 
Crackle Finish
Crackle finish dresser

Hope I was of help!


August Crafts: Picture frame

As the end of summer nears it is a
great time for tons of beach oriented crafts for you to make with
your kids. If you count on making some arts and crafts ahead of time
collecting shells and interesting tidbits during the summer can
become a fun project for them.  What better way to display
their findings and preserve their summer memories than with beach
photo frames? These are great as gifts or to be used for your own
decor, and not only that they are so fun to make. If you are a family
person you can grab your family members and have some together time
making a few of these and putting each persons favorite photo in.
This project can be done by anyone, from a toddler to a professional
craftsman, so grab your kids and get ready for an afternoon of fun!
Another thing to mention, as its so important to everyone in today's
economy, it wont cost you an arm and a leg and it makes a perfect
gift so....hint hint.
What you will need to make a beach themed photo frame:
- A photo frame,
preferably one of the cheap blank wooden ones from the arts and
crafts stores. If not ANY frame will do you will just have to adjust
your painting mediums to it.
- A painting medium.
This can be anything you want from Sharpie markers, tempera, water
colors to even spray paint or glitter pens.
- Clear liquid crafts glue.
- A packet of sea shells and/or small sea stars, etc. 
Pretty much any shells and trinkets that remind you of the beach are welcome.
- Scrap paper to protect the work surface and surrounding areas.

How to make a beach themed photo frame:
- Ahh fun time now! 
First take your frame and decide what the base color of it
should be... Maybe blue? Its up to you. Paint the frame and let it
dry a few minutes.
- Once this first step is completed you can pretty much go crazy designing the 
look of the frame.
- Glue the sea shells and other trinkets
you found around the frame. If you want you can color all the sea
shells before gluing them down or glitter them up.
- The frame can be one color or multi color, can have two shells or be
completely covered. Just let your imagination run and see what you
will come up with, either way it will be amazing.
- When you are done with the frame let it dry and pop your favorite
photo in!