Make your own Halloween invitations

Halloween is all about scary, fun and most importantly unique, and seeing as how the invitation is like a first impression of the party you need to come up with something pretty darn cool! Not to worry, here is a relatively easy and headache free way to recreate this fun take on invites. You can make these adult friendly with a bunch of gory details, or more funky and PG rated for children. You can even tweak this for a non scary holiday or a party. What we are doing here is making gravestone party invites, with a dead guy inside keeping a scroll with the invite on it.
What you will need to make your own Halloween party invitations:
This will make only one invite, just multiply the ingredients/supplies with the number of invites you need.
- Rectangular flat candy box, this is easily found at any arts and crafts shop (Joann's or Michael's are a couple of well known ones).
- Tissue paper, pick a color that will fit with your color scheme.
- A sheet of printer paper.
- Cookie dough, for this part you can pick any kind that you like however gingerbread or sugar cookies seem to be the best.
- Gingerbread man cookie cutter.
- White icing, if making a light colored cookie (sugar cookie for instance) get black food coloring on top of the white icing.
- Oil Paints or tempera and whatever goes in hand with paints, brush, water cup, some scrap paper for practice and tissue paper.
How to make your own Halloween party invitations:
- First thing to do is decorate the so called "gravestone", so take the crafts box you bought and paint it to resemble a gravestone. On the front "engrave" the name of the person which you are inviting to your party. Make sure the box is completely painted on all sides. Painting the inside is up to you. If you have time go for it, it will make your invite look more put together.
- For this part you might want to make extras, as it's very hard to resist munching on the cookies! You make your regular gingerbread man cookies, however when you go to decorate them with icing draw skeletons. Creepy or cute, it's up to you.
- The third part of this invitation is, of course a message letting the invitees know that they've been invited. Find a photo of some aged paper online and print it out then rip out small square of it and write an invite with all the info in a black gel pen. Ripping will make it look more in character and older than cutting, the gel pen looks better as well and smudges here and there are OK. You can leave it unfolded or fold it, or even roll it up like a little scroll.
- Once your gravestone is dry line the bottom of the box with crinkled tissue paper, there's no need to over do it, one or two sheets is just fine. Place your cookie skeleton onto it and place the scroll next to it or on top of it. Put the lid on and your invitation is all done! Mail or hand deliver to the recipient.