Fathers Day Crafts

Many fathers have small children who, naturally, cannot afford to give them elaborate gifts so why not kill two birds with one stone? Grabbing some quality time with your child and helping it create a cherished gift for its daddy. One easy gift, and sort of a must have of all holidays, is a greeting card. With your help it is simple enough of a process to create for a child of nearly any age, and more importantly it will have them express their creative side and let them share what they might not have known how otherwise.

What you will need to create the fathers day greeting card:
- Couple of pieces of hard card stock printer paper.
- Markers, jumbo markers, coloured pencils, pens, crayons, water colours, oil paints, chalk, or any other medium your child wishes to use. Don't be afraid to let them mix and match!
- Scissors.
- An envelope.

How to create the card:
- First of all make sure the child has adequate space. A nice, flat surface, such as a table, that is big enough to contain all the crafts supplies.
- Explain to the child what you will be doing, maybe make a quick presentation for them if they are younger.
- Decide with your child what size the card should be, you can simply just fold the piece of paper in half and have that be it, or you could cut out a different size. Please make sure you supervise your child if you will be letting them use the scissors and do the cutting.
- Have them (or you can do it for them) fold the hard printer sheet in half to create the card.
- On the inside of the card, on the right side have them write a message. Since these are only small children have a standard "Happy Fathers Day" already written somewhere on the to be card, or on a piece paper for them to copy. Ask each child if there is anything else they want to write in there and then help them out with it.
- On the back of the card where a price would be and a logo, have them write "Made by: Child's Name"- As far as the front of the card goes, explain to the child what fathers day is and let them draw or paint something that they relate to daddy or what they think of him, or want to say to him.
-Now put the finished card into the envelope you have bought (unless you know how to hand make them! ) and have the child address it to daddy. Most likely you wont need to tell them anything as far as the presentation goes, they will be out there running to give the card to dad before you can blink !