Pine cone ornaments

Christmas is a great time for projects, and almost anything can be adapted to display the holiday spirit! If you happen to be sick of seeing all of the plastic around year after year, or maybe if you are short on cash. Hey you might just be feeling really creative and are looking for a project you can do. A great choice is making pine cone Christmas tree ornaments. You can have a family evening of arts and crafts, or an afternoon crafts date with your girlfriends, heck even if you are alone its a great project. It costs hardly anything as well, since you most likely have all the things you need in your home already. And if not, they are cheap to buy.

What you will need to create your pine cone Christmas tree ornament:

- A pine cone, the number depends on how many ornaments you wish to make.

- A string of a sort, it can be sewing thread, fishing line, pretty ribbon, yarn, etc.

- Glue, either a hot glue gun or liquid crafts glue will do.

- Oil, tempera paints.

- Some paint brushes.

- Glitter, either in form of glitter pens, in paint or sprinkles.

- A plastic cup for water, this is for when you are painting. As well as a paper towel or two to clean the brushes.

- Old newspaper or other scrap to protect your work surface.

How to create your pine cone Christmas tree ornament:

- Before you start make sure you cover up your table, or other work surface with old news paper so it doesn't get ruined or dirty in case of any mishaps that are usually bound to happen during arts and crafts sessions.

- Now clean up your pine cone, get rid of any dirty or cob webs that might be on it. You can do this with a lightly damp paper towel.

- Once they are clean let them dry a few minutes. While they dry you could prepare your oil paints, water and brushes.

- After the pine cones are dried you are ready to decorate them. You can paint the whole pine cone in one color. You can go two tone, or one color per row. Really the options are endless, you just need to let your imagination run free. Golden, bronze and silver colors will make them look fancy, while bright colors will show off the more playful side.

- When done painting add some glitter. You should do this according to manufacturers instructions. And it depends on which type you get.

- After you have painted and glittered it up, once again let the pine cone dry completely.

- As for attaching the string so you can hang it, you can do this either buy tying it to the very tip of the pine cone, gluing it to the bottom. Or maybe you want it sideways in which case you can glue it in between the rows.

There are many variations of how to make these ornaments and with a little imagination and will they all come out looking spectacular.


Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

If you are on a real tight budget this Christmas or just love to be crafty during the holidays here are some wonderful homemade Christmas card ideas for you to try this holiday season.

Potato Stamp Cards:

Supplies you may need for your homemade Christmas Cards:

Paper Bags or Craft Paper

Potatoes or Sponges

Paint or colored ink


Hole Punch

Ink Pen

Paring Knife (adult supervision)

Plastic Plate


Step #1 - Check to see if you can find any left over envelopes. You can look in old Christmas card boxes or the drawer where mom or dad pays the bills (ask first). If you find any unused envelopes you can use them and you will need to be sure that the cards you make will fit inside these cards.

Step #2 - Measure the envelope (if you didn't find any have mom or dad buy some for you).

Step #3 - Cut out the brown paper bag to be the same height as the card but twice as wide as the card.

Step #4 - Cut the potatoe in half with an adult helping.

Cut out a Christmas tree shape on the exposed side of the potato (white not the skin).

Cut away potato from the outer edge of the tree that surrounds the tree. You can use three potatoes to cut out different sizes of trees.

Step #5 - Put the paint or ink onto the plastic plate

Dip the Potato Tree into the paint or ink, now place it on what will be the front of your card (one tree or you can make a group of trees).

Step #6 - Make two holes with the hole punch about a centimeter apart below the Christmas tree.

Step #7 - Insert one end of the ribbon through the left hole, and then put it through the other hole. Loop each end around back and through the opposite hole. Now, pull the ribbon out the front of the card. Tie the ribbon into a pretty Christmas bow.

Step #8 - Use the scissors to trim the ribbon.

You can stamp more trees on the inside or write a holiday greeting.

You can also place Christmas stickers on the card or place crayon ornaments on the trees.

You can also decorate the envelopes too.

Use the sponge instead of the potato or buy stamps in the store.

Easy Construction Paper Cards:

Every child knows how to make Christmas cards out of construction paper. You just fold a piece of construction paper in half. Decorate the one outside half like the front of a Christmas greeting card and write a greeting on the inside of the card. Use Christmas colors (green, red, gold). Use Christmas stickers to decorate the cards if you wish.

Left Over Christmas Cards:

If your family saves old Christmas cards ask if you can use them to make new cards. 

You will need the old Christmas cards, construction paper, glue, pen, crayons or markers, and scissors to make these homemade cards.

Sort through the pile of old Christmas cards to find the front of your homemade card. Once you find one you like, cut the front off the old card. You can use parts and not the entire front if you like. You can also use more than one old card to make a different picture.

Fold the construction paper in half

Glue the old card picture onto the front of your construction paper card.

Using the pen, crayons or marker add to the picture, or draw new pictures to go with the old card picture.

Write a holiday greeting on the inside of the card with your pen. You can copy greetings from the old cards.


September is near the end, are you ready for Christmas?

As September end draws near there are a few more things the 'Christmas Pros' should check off their to-do list by now.


If you are planning on sending out a bigger number of Christmas cards you should go through your address book and make sure it is updated. If anyone has moved you don't want to mail their Christmas cards to the wrong address!

Spending the holidays away? Fantastic! Just please make sure you do not wait too long to realize your plans.  By now, at the latest, you should have finalized any travel plans you have and booked the tickets in advance, if at all possible.