On the road drivers: Stocking stuffer ideas for those back home

For those of you constantly on the road it must be hard being away from your family. You probably have a lot of missed holidays and weekends away from home going on. To top it all off buying Christmas presents is quite a limited task. You are left to the mercy of the very few truck welcoming places, even Walmart is deciding to put up the "this tall" bars on their lot entrances so semi trucks can't enter. So you are pretty much left with what? The truck stops you frequent, which all carry the same stuff more or less.

You can get around this problem with a little spontaneous planing. Yes that is right, spontaneous planing. How the hell does that work you ask. Well a month or two before Christmas you make a plan to spontaneously buy a thing or two in each state, city or peculiar truck stop you come by. If the money is tight don't fret at the thought of buying a ton of stuff. These are small but very dear items, the stocking suffers, not big gifts. So none of it should be expensive.
And what to get? Well it all depends on who you have on your list. But here are a few things I have come across which I don't see every day. They might prove to be interesting gifts for someone you know.

If you are heading out East, maybe to CT, NY, Maine, etc. grab a few cubes of the delicious fudge...or Deer Poop. I'm all for the goodness of fudge but the Dear Poop (most often nuts or raisins covered in chocolate) bags make for a great gag gift.
Apparently Montana has Deer Poop too!

In case you are going down south towards Florida and such you can get an alligator foot, or a head even. They range from tiny made into a key chain to quite big and are real. If you move on over towards Arizona you can get another key chain item, this time its heads and rattles of the rattle snakes. I don't know about you but little things like that are so cool to me, especially if it is something new that I haven't been around. Another thing is the Native American tea from the tee-pee on the border of NM and AZ on I-40.

Up north, in the Dakotas maybe? Get any of the Buffalo sausages or other cured meats. If you drive through Salt Lake City, Utah stop buy and get some of the salt from the lake. It is a great souvenir and it takes a minute or two to get free of charge.

These are just a very few pieces I found peculiar in my travels and couldn't resist buying. Wherever you go you will be sure to find a souvenir trinket for your loved ones back home.

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