Frosted candle holder

It is needless to say that candles are all over the place and there are so many wonderful ways to display them. One such way is with frosted glass candle holders, they might come in a bit pricey however so why not compromise? Have your lovely candle display but make it yourself, save a bunch of money (hey the extra money can go towards someones gifts this year!) and have a special personalized piece displayed in your home. Creating frosted glass pieces thankfully is not as difficult or pricey as it once use to be. For this project we will use shot glasses, whiskey glasses or others. If you are going to use store bought candles you will need to find glasses fitting them, otherwise you can make your own candle and make it fit the glass!

What you will need to create your frosted candle holder:
- A whiskey glass which you wish to frost. Again it doesn't have to be exactly that. Go to a dollar store and buy some cheap ones that would look cute frosted.
- Graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop to create your design. The alternatives to this are either drawing your design by hand or finding a design you like online and printing it out, it doesn't matter essentially so just see what works for you.
- A pencil.
- A pair of scissors.
- An Exacto knife.
- A few sheets of self adhesive printer paper. The kind used to make labels, just make sure you get the whole sheet as a sticker instead of the small pre-cut label stickers. You can find this in places such as Staples, OfficeMax or anywhere else where they sell office supplies. Or even better yet you can use Contact paper.
Krylon Frosted Glass Spray. This comes in several colors such as white, grey, blue, purple and green. You can buy it online by a case of 24 spray cans for about 25 bucks.
- Scrap paper such as old newspapers to cover up and protect the surrounding areas and surfaces.

How to create your frosted candle holder:
- First of all you should come up with a design then transfer it either on the self adhesive printer paper or the Contact paper. Make sure you keep in mind that the parts of glass which you do NOT want frosted are the ones going to be covered by the paper.
- Now stick the paper onto your glass surface nice and even, make sure there are no air bubbles.
- Once your surface is ready use the Krylon Frosted Glass Spray to spray over the bare surfaces.
- Let it dry according to the manufacturers instructions.
- Very carefully peel off the paper you used to protect the glass.
Your very own frosted candle holder is now done, and its way better than those generic ones isn't it?

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