How to Create the Broken Crackly Finish with Paint

crackle paint
Crackle Paint

Achieving the old broken paint, crackly finish
is surprisingly a lot lot lot easier than one would think. It doesn't
take a lot of skill, experience or time, and it can be applied to
almost any thing from the wall to the plate, flower pot, picture,
canvas, bowl....whatever you can think of.
- Surface you wish to apply this faux finish to 
-Base paint color
- Top paint color
- Clear crackle-finish medium
You can find this in your local craft store such as Michaels, Joanns, Hobby
Lobby, or even stores such as Meijers (look in the crafts section).
If you are painting large surfaces such as your wall go to either the
paint section in your local department store or go straight to a shop
that specializes in paint only, such as Sherwin Williams, they will
be able to answer any other application questions you might
- Paint brush

How to: 
- Take the surface you wish to work on and paint it with the base
- Let it dry completely
You can buy three different brushes or use the same brush for all the
applications but make sure you clean it properly. Unless you leave it
to sit with paint on and get hardened all you need is warm water and
soap/dish detergent to clean and a paper towel to dry your
- Once the base coat is fully dry go ahead
and cover it with the crackle medium. Make sure you
read the directions on the medium you buy as different manufacturers
might have slight differences in application process.
- When the crackle medium is done (usually takes around 30 min, but once
again read the instructions on the packaging) cover it with the top
coat paint. Make sure you don't over do it as this can make the
crackle lines get filled up and disappears.
- Let dry and voila!
- Depending on your project you
might also opt for covering the whole thing in clear
There are a lot of different mediums and
options out there, before you start your project make sure you know
what you want, small cracks like a broken windshield, big ones
looking more like rips, spider web ones. Will your surface be bigger
(maybe you're applying it to a wall) or something small (like a
jewelry box or a plate)? Once you figure it out, or at least some of
it get your shopping shoes on and find the crackle medium that best
fits you.
Here are some examples of how a crackle
might look once completed: 
Crackle Finish
Crackle finish dresser

Hope I was of help!

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