Make your own gift tags this season

Christmas Gift Tags
DIY Gift Tags


  • 300 gsm white, red or green card
  • Red and sage-green felt
  • Sewing needle and deep red embroidery thread
  • Holly leaves
  • Deep red silk fabric scraps
  • Red ribbon
  • Craft knife, steel edged ruler, cutting mat, hole punch and double sided tape

  1.  Choose any color card paper to make your gift tags to the size you require. Cute out a rectangle shape with a craft knife and a steel edged ruler on a cutting mat (or if you are not stocked up with all the crazy crafts equipment improvise with scissors). 
  2. Punch a hole in the corner.
  3. Repeat the steps until you have as many rectangular cards as you need (one per tag).
  4. Attach the red felt to half of the card and the green felt to the other half of the cards using a double sided tape.
  5. Trim any excess off.
  6. Using a sewing needle and embroidery thread, sew holly leaves to the felt side of the red felt cards with one cross- stitch, tying the thread at the back and trimming the excess.
  7. Cut three small squares off the silk and using double sided tape, glue it to the felt side of the green felt cards overlapping them at jaunty angles.
  8. Add a small sage green felt heart to one of the silk squares with double sided tape.
  9. Thread a length of red ribbon through each hole and make a knot in the ribbon.  

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